Friday, January 20, 2012

Am I ready for this?

The other day I watched a documentary on Netflix called, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  Lets just say it was an eye opener.  It, basically, is about a man who goes on a 60 day juicing cleanse to help heal his body from all of the damage he had done to it.  I recommend you watch the video to find out further info on it.  But, needless to say it inspired me...

Just to give a little history, I pretty much my whole childhood life never had to worry about weight.  I could eat whatever I want, whenever I want and never gain an ounce.  It was fantastic!  I LOVE FOOD!!  Cooking it, the smell of it, I love trying new things.  In fact, it wasnt until I got pregnant with my first child at age 20 when my body started changing.  I gained a total of 35 lbs that pregnancy, which was fine, but I never lost it all.  I dropped down to about 10 lbs over my pre pregnancy weight, which at the time seemed great.  No need to lose weight, plus my hubby liked the extra curves going on. ;)  But, after a month or so I noticed I started to gain weight.  Not mass amounts but 5 lbs here or there.  I was more tired.  It probably could have been because I had a one month old, but I just couldnt seem to get enough energy no matter what I did.  Then I began to drink coffee to help.  Thus, began my Starbucks addiction. ;)  Two kids later, my body really took a toll.  I now weigh more than I ever have being non pregnant.  It is depressing at times.  I have rolls where I never used to.  Dimples where I dont want them to be.  My skin just looks dull.  Man, who would be happy with this body?  You know you've let yourself go when you dont even want your hubby to touch you cause it grossed you out, not because of him, but because of your own body.  The past month or so I've been experiencing stomach problems.  Nausea, cramping, irritability.  I have been under extra stress, but it seems to be everything I eat makes me sick. (and no I'm not pregnant)  After watching the documentary, it was like a light bulb went off.  Duh!  Maybe, I am having all of these problems due to my diet?  I only eat twice a day, never breakfast.  Actually a cup of coffee is my breakfast.  I've just let myself go...

Its time for a change!  Its a new year, and I need a new me!  Not just for my kids or my husband, but for me.  I want to feel good about myself again, even sexy again.  I lost that years ago and I'm ready to get it back!  After a lot of praying, this Sunday will kick off my 30 day (possibly 60 depending on how I feel after the 30 days) Reboot Juicing cleanse.  I am ready, I am motivated! I know its going to be hard.  I know I will face challenges, but with the support from my family and friends, and my faith I know I can do it!  Its about time...


  1. Mrs. Rachael it is a constant fight.... but you are right with support and Jesus you can do anything! If you slip up don't give up just keep on going... I know how you feel, not feeling sexy, not wanting him to touch you becasue you think your gross, even when he says your HOT... :) you are beautiful, and amazing ! I have never seen any rolls and never once thought of you as "chunky" I am proud of you for taking on this challenge.. you can do this.. Luv you

  2. Miss Chavon, I love you friend. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! You're amazing and I'm thankful to have you in my life. <3