Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 4 and feelin' fine..

Sorry folks, I completely lost track last night and didn't post a new blog.  Well I made it past day 3 and am now on day 4!!  Last night was rough, I'll admit it.  I almost caved in and ate dinner.  The aromas became to much so, no joke, I went in my room, pulled my sweater over my nose, put my headphones one and concentrated on the music I was listening too.  The craving passed in about 10 minutes and I went in to kitchen, amongst all of the good smelling food, and made myself a green drink!  It tasted delicious and filled me up!  I am so proud that I didn't cave in. Plus, all of the support from my friends and family and my hubby. :) 

This morning I woke up, made my fruit juice, and had a glass of water.  I felt great!  Had a ridiculous amount of energy, and still do!  I'm so glad I've decided to make these life changes.  My body is thanking me big time....and I'm only on day 4!!! 

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